Why you should be interested in hearing more about #H9 water (Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water) | H9water is for optimal health and wellness!

Over the years, I’ve tried more and more to add multiple streams of income into what we are doing, especially ones that pay residual income, like internet, affiliate, and network marketing.  As the years pass, I’m less and less wanting to be so involved in the earning the money part, like is the case with real estate transactions.  I still love creative real estate deals, as the pay is great, but it’s still linear income – we have to create and make the deal happen to get paid.

One thing I’ve always known has huge upside potential is network marketing, but I’ve never found a product or service that I felt a passion for and/or that applied to everyone, not just a small niche of the population – not until H9 came along!  Also, one of my vision elements has always been to be part of a start-up company that offered a product, but that did not require much capital from me.

I don’t know if you’ve paid much attention to our focus on H9 water since February of this year, but all the elements that I was looking for literally landed in our laps – startup company, network marketing (hence not much capital investment required), residual income (perfect for multiple streams of income), a product that applies to every single living human being (and pets), one that truly helps people and doesn’t have any competition, etc.

Honestly, I do think H9water has one of the most lucrative upsides to anything I’ve ever come across…and the people (i.e., the Founder and top leaders) are great…and we get almost daily testimonials from people of how this structured water (a scientific breakthrough…actually a disruptive technology) is significantly changing their overall health and wellness.

I think the timing of H9 water is phenomenal, and it’s still in a soft launch phase until several universities finish their clinical trials.  Below is a video with more about this hydrogen-rich structured water:


My wife, Shannon, and I drink this water every day, and I can’t imagine not having this water!  You don’t have to drink 1/2 of your body weight in water each day to get your water allotment you are supposed to have, as just one bottle of this H9 Water is equivalent to a minimum of 6 bottles of any other water.  Not only is the water purified, high alkaline, and hydrogen-rich, but it also contains 100s of hydroponically grown plant-based vitamins and minerals.  There is no other water in world that has all of this, and none can maintain the structure once bottled.  H9 is actually H3O2, just like the cells in your body!

Please call/text Shannon and Keith French at 410-635-4474 or email us at info@KeithandShannonFrench.com so that we can discuss this incredible opportunity and product with you in person! You’ll be glad you contacted us!

Learn even more directly on our website at www.drinkH3O2.com!

Thank you!
Keith French
Owner of www.KeithandShannonFrench.com, and H9 Independent Distributor