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#AndyAndrews #TheSevenDecisions | Recommended book by Keith and Shannon French | Understanding the Keys to Personal Success

Great book and Andy Andrews is a master story teller!

The Responsible Decision: The buck stops here.
The Guided Decision: I will seek wisdom.
The Active Decision: I am a person of action.
The Certain Decision: I have a decided heart.
The Joyful Decision: Today I will choose to be happy.
The Compassionate Decision: I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.
The Persistent Decision: I will persist without exception.

#TheSevenDecisions #AndyAndrews

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Jeff Olson’s, The SLIGHT EDGE | Recommended Entrepreneurial Books by Keith and Shannon French | #TheSlightEdge

Powerful read!  Simple to do; simple not to do principles…that make the difference between success and mediocrity (possible failure).  I’m going to implement #JeffOlson’s principles in every part of my life!

Highly recommend everyone read this…applies to spiritual, friends & family, relationships, finance, and health.

#TheSlightEdge #JeffOlson #RecommendedReading #KeithandShannonFrench

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Start with WHY by Simon Sinek | Keith and Shannon French’s Recommended Reading

We highly recommend everyone read this book!  It will give you much insight into why your #WHY is so important and how your #Vision drives your WHY…and only with a clear why will you really get the motivation to do anything you want.

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