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Monthly Membership Includes:
1. Live Q&A Coaching Calls Twice Each Month (calls are 2+ hrs each)
2. Last 3 Months Archived recorded calls
3. Resources Galore!
4. EXCLUSIVE Access to our Super Active Closed Facebook Group for support and networking in between calls.  (Using the search tool is practically a training course in and of itself!!!)

Next Live Q&A Coaching Call:
Thursday, July 28th, 5pm Central Time.

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Our Exclusive Facebook Community has members nationwide, doing deals, getting ramped up, sharing best practices and resources, and networking with one another.  This is the BEST resource for you to get the latest up-to-date info so you can get your Link Options (aka wholesaling lease options) business booming!  We are constantly sharing any updates or new discoveries to this group FIRST and many times ONLY to this group!

Our Link Options strategy is the only real estate strategy that works in ANY market and with NON-distressed owners and/or houses.  Therefore, you are able to convert many MORE leads to doing a Link Option than you can with any other real estate strategy. Converting more leads means spending LESS on marketing and advertising, and creating an opportunity for consistent income.

Check out how Keith converts Sellers…here’s his script:

Speaking of real estate markets, many seasoned investors are actively sharing concerns of a potential crash/decline/correction coming soon…they are seeing all the indicators they saw before with the previous cycles!  Our Link Options strategy will help you ride through any crash/decline/correction…you’ll even be the hero for those stuck with flips that didn’t flip and those who can’t sell any other way.  NOW is the time to know this strategy inside & out. You’ll stay strong and consistent no matter the market while others will be forced to bail out!

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Recent Member Testimonials:

• Your system is the only one that I’ve found that helps you build & establish credibility AND helps you set up a system for the workload to such a thorough level. And the only one that truly cares about getting the TB to closing.  Well done guys!  You’ve raised the bar for all other programs out there to follow.  To me “integrity” is just as important as credibility…especially for someone like me trying to do it remotely.  It seems so rare these days and you guys have tons of it…I might have to sing Billy Joel’s “Honesty” and replace it with “Integrity” just for you guys…Ha ha ha! I’m so glad I found you! – Chris K.

• You truly are great coaches and I appreciate all the knowledge! – Colleen M.

• Keith and Shannon French are the real deal!!!  They don’t just teach; they are out doing the deals while teaching you to do them!  So they are up to the minute current and accurate with their information.  Which in the world of real estate investing courses or coaching is not the norm.  They learn new things themselves along the way and share it with their students!  They listen to their students and brainstorm new ideas and angles to be innovative and fresh!  They are more like mentors than instructors, since you actually get to know them and they will help you personally!  Keith and Shannon definitely go way above and beyond!!  And the fact that their coaching is so reasonable, and the course so inexpensive, you can’t go wrong!  They give you more value than any of the real estate gurus or courses anywhere else!  And they never try to up sell you to buy more stuff….. because they give it ALL to you with the initial purchase!!  It’s unheard of in the industry.  They want everyone to reach their goals and they will help get you there any way they can!  Keith and Shannon French are supportive, encouraging, caring and sincere!  They are truly like no other! I respect them tremendously and strive to be more like them myself!  I love them for who they are and all they do!  Thank you so much Keith and Shannon!!  You have changed my life for the better!! xo – Shelly S.

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7/14/2016 Link Options Coaching Call Highlights:

Contracts – [ to enroll.  Month to Month.  Cancel Anytimes. <$500/yr for unlimited access to a Law Firm].
• Sergio shares Legal Shield Experience
• Tips on how to approach any attorney to review your contracts
• Specifics on what needed to be tweaked in the contracts for Washington, especially the CLOA (Cooperative Lease Option Agreement)
• Coming Soon! Keith will create & upload a new CLOA that is a hybrid of our TPA (Tenant Placement Agreement) that can be used for states that use the Assignment Agreement

Yellow Letter – [Check the Getting Started Quick Reference & Resource Guide for resources & discount codes].
• Where do you drive the calls to?
• Who’s answering the phone or is it recorded message?

What’s the best way to ramp up fast with Owner leads?
• REIA Club networking…rehabbers & realtors and how to present to them & get their leads
• Yellow Letter – Absentee Owner List & Expired Listings
• Bandit Signs (physical and on wheels)

Debt-To-Income Calculator – [Included in the Course and shared in the FB Group]
• Front End/Back End ratios

Credit Reports
• Looks like Wells Fargo has changed their program

New 3rd Party Escrow Service Resource shared! [Check the FB Group]

Yellow Letter Mechanics
• Business Cards – don’t have a website yet, does it need to be on there
• Handwriting discrepancies make a difference
• How much to order
• How many to drop Scraping Software Update [Our discount code to get 6 months access for $97.00 is “linkoption”].
• It’s currently a little glitch right now going inactive.
• The owner, Ken, is responsive but currently on vacation
• Tips on using this software…what phone # and email address to use, response to irate ad listers

Social Media Discussion & Tips
• Facebook – Personal Pages and Fan Pages and the difference
• Google+
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• YouTube
• Twitter

What if this is your 1st deal and you get asked “Have you ever done this before”?
• How to indirectly avoid this question being asked in the first place
• Newbie approaches and answers

Discussion on Leon’s 1st lead in a lower priced neighborhood ($70-80k)
• Should he do this deal
• Should anything be done differently
• Ways to make money on the renter leads

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