Q&A: In Starting a Link Options Business, what are average numbers for deals and business expenses?

Question: Could you share a little bit about what the average numbers are per deal and if payment is collected up front with your system? Also if you have an estimate on what kind of monthly budget should I consider for normal expenses.

Yes, you are paid upfront in these transactions! No waiting on any closing!  Once the owner approves the tenant-buyer (TB), then you get paid the TB’s Option Fee down payment which typically ranges from 3.5% to 5% of the Option price.

Average numbers will depend on the median price point houses in your area, or the median price point homes you are working. Our average client puts down 4%, and our average price point home is $200,000, so our average payday per home is $8,000.

Unlike ALL other strategies where you have to spend a lot of money on marketing to find either a distressed seller and/or a distressed house, the Link Options strategy is for non-distressed property owners and non-distressed houses….in other words, HAPPY people!  This is the vast majority of folks who want to sell!  We only work with owners that have move-in ready homes and who want full price for their home.

As you start to do deals, you can put aside some money for additional marketing and other helpful tools like a CRM database to track your TB and owner leads, but we ran this business for many years without having a CRM and other software.

In today’s tech age there are so many low-cost if not FREE tools that are excellent to implement and our Closed Link Options Coaching Facebook group is great about sharing the latest and greatest of what they are leveraging for their Link Options Business.

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