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A great way to restock your Starter Kit oils, ***AND*** earn points to redeem towards free (yes I said free!!) oils, is to join the Essential Rewards program. Essential Rewards is a monthly autoship program.

Visit Our Website Here!

There is no cost to sign up and you can cancel anytime! Your monthly order must be at least 50pv (basically your order must be at least $50). You then earn product credits on your monthly order.

Months 1-6, earn 10%. Months 7-12 earn 15%. Months 13+ earn 20%. Yes, you are reading this correctly, the longer you participate in Essential Rewards, the more you earn! You also receive reduced shipping rates. Below is a great example of how to restock the Starter Kit oils (but in the larger 15ml size!) for about $50 a month. Ordering like this for 6 months will give you about $35 in ER credits to cash in for free products!

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#Wholesaling Lease Options | #Link Options | #Lease Options | #Real Estate Training | #Keith and Shannon French

We have Link Options real estate coaching calls twice per month!  If you want help with your wholesaling lease options business, then join our coaching community where you can get all of your questions answered and Q&A with members from all over the U.S.!  Sign up now, so you can join our calls, closed Facebook Coaching Group, and network with everyone!

**** Enter the coupon code “loc59” to get $40/month off, so the calls will be only $59/month! ***

Sign Up Here for only $59/month

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#H9water | #Hydrogen Rich Water | #High Alkaline Water | #Structured Water | #H3O2 | Keith and Shannon French www.drinkH3O2.com

H9 water (Visit Website) is gaining lots and lots of attention and momentum as more and more people are discovering two things – 1) the product is absolutely amazing, and a tremendous number of people are giving raving testimonials on how it’s changing their health and wellness (dramatically)…AND…2) the compensation plan is crazy rewarding and the easiest network marketing plan I’ve ever seen!…and I’ve seen a lot of them…

Yes, we are having awesome success with this business! Best yet, is that H9 is still during its soft launch phase, and doesn’t hard launch until about Mar/Apr next year….SO…yes, getting in early does have HUGE advantages (trust me!)…before…thousands of others hear about this and join at that time.

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho | Recommended Reading | Keith and Shannon French | #TheAlchemist

I rarely read fiction books, but this one was definitely worth it!  It’s an amazing journey about a shepherd boy and his dream about finding a treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt, but to ultimately find that the treasure he was looking for was waiting for him in the place where he least expected.

The true power in the book is about the journey to finding one’s Personal Legend, and the faith, power, and courage we all have within us to pursue the intricate path of a Personal Legend.

Well worth the read!

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#H9water | H9 water is Hydrogen-Rich, High Alkaline, Structured H3O2, and Contains 100s of Plant-Based Micro-nutrients | Keith and Shannon French |

We don’t function at full capacity when we’re dehydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends roughly 13 cups (3 liters) of water per day for adult men and 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day for women. Remember, food provides about 20 percent of water intake as well and many fruits and vegetables are more than 90 percent water by weight. Make an effort to monitor your fluid intake and you’ll be functioning better in no time!

‪#‎H9water‬ is much more hydrating that regular water, and is hydrogen-rich, high alkaline, structured H3O2 like the cells in your body, and contains 100s of plant-based micro nutrients…and is an incredible business opportunity!

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#LifeonaireCoaching | Keith and Shannon French | Life & Business Coaching Mastermind Group | Lifeonaire

We are opening up 5 spots into our Lifeonaire Mastermind Coaching Group!

If you are interested in designing a business to fit your life, having help designing your vision (both life and business), having an accountability group of like-minded people, going to three 3-day intensive workshops around the nation each year, having monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls and a team/group call, and having access to all of our resources, and spending one day each year with us in our home office… then reach out to us now – info@KeithandShannonFrench.com, call/text 410-635-4474, or private message us with your interest!

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#YoungLiving Essential Oils | Natural Antibiotics | Keith and Shannon French | Essential Oils

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, oils like #YoungLiving’s Oregano Essential Oil, work like broad-spectrum antibiotics against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in your body.

Purchase Young Living Oregano Oil Here

Join as a Young Living Distributor Here

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Gary Young’s daily routine! How do you support positive emotions? | #Young Living Essential Oils | Keith and Shannon French | PureHealingOil.com

Have you discovered the powerful benefits of Young Living Essential Oils?

We use Young Living Oils everyday in our house, and find there are numerous uses for the oils, from overall health and wellness, cooking, cleaning, and many other applications.

Try some Young Living Essential Oils for for yourself!  You’ll get addicted to the fun!

Email us at info@KeithandShannonFrench.com, call/text us at 410-635-4474, or click below to learn more on our websites.

Customers Click Here

If you want to be a Distributor for Young Living, get huge discounts on your essential oil purchases, and have a blast of a home based business, then click on the link below:

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Tower Garden® | Grow Your Own Fresh Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables At Home | Keith and Shannon French

Grow Good Health

Tower Garden® simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Order Your Own Here!

info@KeithandShannonFrench.com or visit our website below

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Juice Plus+ Complete | Convenient Healthy Fast Breakfast | Keith and Shannon French | Juice Plus+

Amazing Juice Plus+ shakes to make your breakfast fast, easy, and healthy!

We are always trying to find quick ways to eat healthy and cut costs 🙂  This is one of the easiest ways to do that.  Also, you can add fresh fruit, nuts, etc., if you like or just add water or almond milk on the go!

Now, it’s more convenient than ever to add balanced nutrition to your diet with Juice Plus+ Complete!  Introducing Juice Plus+ Single Serving Complete.

Check it out Here!

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Link Options Real Estate Training Course | Sale on Packaged Deal | Keith and Shannon French Link Options

Sale on Link Options Real Estate Training Package!

$997 packaged Sale on our Link Options Real Estate Training Course + 2 months of our twice-monthly coaching calls & closed Facebook Coaching Group + our 6-week quick start webinar training series (Total Value of $1,729 for only $997).

We’ve never run this packaged deal for this low of a cost – only $997!

Order for only $997 Here!


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#AppointmentCore | Appointment Setting Software | Keith and Shannon French Coaching Software

Loving our new appointment scheduling software! Needed this years ago…

Get a FREE TRIAL Here!

Use it to schedule group coaching calls, buyer calls for your real estate deals, 1-on-1 calls, etc. It puts your attendees automatically into a database, with a tag, and emails you and them whenever you want to remind everyone about the appointment, and sets up a conference call with a unique number.

It also, shows people what times you have available to book an appointment, so you can manage your time much better. If you have several businesses, the master calendar will track all appointments, and only show available times you’ve allocated for each business!

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Create Your Own Awesome Designs with Laughingbird Software! | Design Logos, Business Cards, and Many Other Graphics

Have you ever wanted to create your own graphics, logos, business cards, characters and many other things, and not have to hire someone?

Laughingbird creates the very best graphics and web design software available on the net! Download any one of them today and start creating your own professional web graphics in minutes!

Instantly – create beautiful graphics for your own website and business. You’ll look like a Photoshop guru in minutes!

Over 400 web templates • Business Card Templates • 100’s of people images • Facebook timeline graphics • AND you can create your own marketing mascot character!

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Essential Oils To Balance Your Chakras | Keith and Shannon French | #YoungLivingOils www.PureHealingOil.com

#YoungLivingEssentialOils has all of these for you to try!

www.PureHealingOil.com – purchase these oils
www.OilMeCrazy.com – become a distributor and work with us
Text/Call 410-635-4474

7 Essential Oils To Balance Your Chakras

www.PureHealingOil.com – purchase these oils
www.OilMeCrazy.com – become a distributor and work with us
Text/Call 410-635-4474

#YoungLiving #EssentialOils #KeithandShannonFrench #YoungLivingOils #OilsForYoga #BalanceYourChakras

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Young Living Releases 18 New Products During Convention | Keith and Shannon French | PureHealingOil.com

Camtasia Studio by TechSmith Rocks! | Keith and Shannon French Recommended Buys

Love, Love, Love my new #Camtasia software to record PowerPoint slideshows, edit voice and video (separately or combined), capture anything on my screen and be able to edit it, etc. Powerful easy to use software to help you make presentations, courses, educational tips!

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www.drinkH3O2.com | H9 water | Hydrogen-Rich, High Alkaline, Loaded with Minerals and Vitamins | Is H9 Water Another Water Scam

www.drinkH3O2.com ‪#‎H9water‬

Give your body peak performance! Have you experienced drinking H3O2 yet? It’s amazing how you will feel!  H9 water is truly phenomenal for your health and wellness!

Call/text us at 410-635-4474, email us at info@KeithandShannonFrench.com, and visit our website above!

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Why you should be interested in hearing more about #H9 water (Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water) | H9water is for optimal health and wellness!

Over the years, I’ve tried more and more to add multiple streams of income into what we are doing, especially ones that pay residual income, like internet, affiliate, and network marketing.  As the years pass, I’m less and less wanting to be so involved in the earning the money part, like is the case with real estate transactions.  I still love creative real estate deals, as the pay is great, but it’s still linear income – we have to create and make the deal happen to get paid.

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Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing | Keith and Shannon French | Direct Sales by Jordan Adler

Another great easy to read #networkmarketing book, “Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing” by Jordan Adler, with lots of great tips that I’m going to implement in my business.

Actually, it has great tips for whatever entrepreneurial activity you are involved in doing!  It’s not just a great read for network marketers.

Jordan Adler gives real good advice on what it takes to become successful in direct sales, and breaks it down to where everyone can understand and believe they can do this too.

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Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage | Network Marketing | Keith and Shannon French

For you network marketers, here is a quick easy read that will help remind you that your success depends on you (i.e., the first circle), and gives some good tips on what really works!  It motivated me to get some new things implemented…

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