Lifeonaire Coaching | Titanium Level Coaching | Keith and Shannon French

Lifeonaire Coaching is our premier coaching program if you really want to begin living the life of your dreams, a life by design, rather than a life by default!

If you would like to learn directly from us how to create the life of your dreams and build a business around your life, instead of being enslaved to a business, then join our Lifeonaire Titanium Level Coaching – “I Am Lifeonaire”!

We have been part of the original Titanium Level Lifeonaire Coaching with Steve Cook and Shaun McCloskey since May 2009, and now we have our own Titanium Level Coaching that you can join. Shannon and I will teach you exactly how we’ve built the life of our dreams, a profitable business around our life, and how we have implemented the Lifeonaire principles into both our personal and business lives, and teach you how to do the same!

Keith and Shannon French’s Titanium Level Lifeonaire Coaching includes:

– Private 1-on-1 call with Keith and Shannon French each Month (30 minutes)
– Group Titanium call once each month
– Three (3 day) Titanium Group Mastermind Retreats Each Year in Different Locations across the U.S.
– Private Day, 1-on-1 visit with Keith and Shannon French at our Home-Office Each Year
– Our Entire Link Options Real Estate Training Course and attendance to our boot camps throughout the year in various locations across the U.S.
– Two (2-3 hour) Open Line/Open Forum Link Options Real Estate Group Training Calls per Month
– Membership in the Lifeonaire Insiders Coaching Program that includes at least 6 (probably more like 10+ calls/month) coaching, training, and implementation calls per month put on by various Lifeonaire/Real Estate coaches, Steve Cook’s and Shaun McCloskey’s real estate courses that include Wholesaling For Quick Cash, Rehabbing For Big Cash, Short Sale Wealth, Debt Free Investing, and Get-A-Life Webinar

There simply is no other training on the market like Lifeonarie!

Just go to to sign up or email us at with any questions!