Live Q&A Calls (2x/mo.) + Closed Facebook Group for Unlimited Support (annual subscription) – $799/yr

Link Options Twice-Monthly Live Q&A Calls – Keith and Shannon French host two calls per month to answer any and all questions that you may have about our Link Options real estate investing strategy!  Also, every participant is enrolled into a Closed Facebook Group setup to handle ongoing Q&A.

This is a great way to get both of us on the line with you for 1-2 hours at a time, along with other students from across the nation that are working our Link Options real estate strategy and doing deals!

You can’t imagine the great ideas that come out of these calls and you get to hear first hand what we and other students are doing!

The intention of these calls is to ensure that you get any additional help and support you need along the way including deal analysis. 

If you are serious about making HUGE DOLLARS with our strategy and learning directly from us each and every month, then register for these calls now!

Calls are currently held one Tuesday night & one Thursday night each month at 5pm CST, and usually last 2 hours.  They are open forum calls, so everyone gets to ask questions, provide feedback, brainstorm and participate.  Also, the calls are recorded for later download and playback.

Purchase of our Link Options Course is not required to be on these calls, but our Course purchasers do get an even deeper discount off this annual subscription!

We look forward to having you on our calls!!