Online Real Estate Training (one-time price) – $2,997

Link Options is a real estate strategy that evolved from years of experience with all of the “old” strategies.  It was created and perfected to create MASSIVE INCOME as it can be leveraged for practically ALL real estate leads: those with little or no equity (but with equity works beautifully, too!) AND those who want FULL retail for their property.  It’s an amazing LOW-RISK strategy that also empowers the millions of Americans who have been rejected for a home loan a solid game-plan to becoming homeowners!

We have experienced such tremendous, immediate, and CONSISTENT success completing Link Options deals since 2009…so much so it’s the only strategy we do now.   We’ve thoroughly experienced this strategy through multiple market seasons.  This strategy doesn’t miss a beat no matter what else is going on with the other strategies.

We got tired fast with the old strategies where at the whim of the market (whether real estate, lending or just the overall economy) we found ourselves constantly adjusting and adapting like CRAZY…many times working three times as hard to make only half the profit.

It didn’t take long before aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to get into real estate, seasoned investors, and even our local colleagues started asking us to teach them our strategy.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to meet with everyone individually to show them the business, and you can’t just explain everything over dinner.  But because of the overwhelming amount of inquiries compounded with our desire to help, we finally decided to take EVERYTHING WE DO ON A DAY-TO-DAY BASIS, and put it on Video, Slide Shows, Audio Recordings, and Down-loadable Documents …all for YOU to use in your own market.   After months of recording and documenting, we now have what so many people have been begging for…a resource that is truly like being a hands-on apprentice for our business! Take it, Use it, Profit with it!


After 500+ Real Estate Transactions, hear why Keith & Shannon French are
Doing Link Options FULL-TIME!!!

Whether you’re brand new to investing or you’ve already done 300+ deals, or somewhere in between, you owe it to yourself to learn the Link Options strategy.  Not only that, we’ll even go as far to say that you owe it to YOUR COMMUNITY to learn this strategy.  Retail market values are being PRESERVED with this strategy many times setting the comps in the neighborhood.  This strategy can help declining, recovering as well as booming communities.  Work this strategy in whatever today’s market is and the profits only get sweeter when the market shifts (and it’s only a matter of time before it turns) as THIS STRATEGY IS NOT MARKET DEPENDENT!!

NEW INVESTORS and ENTREPRENEURS: Doing a Link Option is without question the fastest, easiest and best way to close your first real estate deal. It does not require all the risk and resources of the other strategies.

Do you NOT have the following resources?
  • Hard Money
  • Private Lenders
  • An extra bank account overflowing with cash to get started
  • Enormous lines of credit
  • Knowledge to precisely estimate repairs
  • Property management company or experience
  • Property inspectors
  • Surveyor
  • Contractors (good, reliable contractors)
  • Handyman
  • Appraiser
  • Realtor
  • Insurance Agent
  • Investor friendly title company

GOOD! With LINK OPTIONS you simply


SEASONED INVESTORS and ENTREPRENEURS:  Are you sick of trashing hundreds of leads that you can’t do anything with because they don’t fit the criteria of your current business model?   Are you tired of your marketing dollars not resulting in enough profit?  GOOD!  Before the Link Options strategy, we were, too!

Now you have a way to turn those TRASH leads into CASH and have an ADDITIONAL source of continuous profit!

Are you starting to feel the pinch of a pending market adjustment and you want to be prepared for the punch???  As you know, in today’s world you need to stay on top of the market and adapt quickly.  When times are tough, it truly is the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!  Why not add to what you’re already doing or even replace it with something that can work even better?  Think about how much LESS marketing you would have to spend if you had a strategy for practically EVERY lead that came in! The savings alone would easily cover the educational investment in this strategy!

Before we get into everything that Link Options is, let’s take a
minute to learn WHAT IT IS NOT:
  • It is NOT taking properties over subject-to existing financing.
  • It is NOT doing sandwich lease options.
  • It is NOT guaranteeing payments and taking risk.
  • It is NOT making low-ball offers to get houses for pennies on the dollar.
  • It is NOT going after distressed sellers who don’t have any other choice.
  • It is NOT taking control of property with hopes to get paid down the road.
  • It is NOT locking up a property with an Option and then trying to go find
    a buyer at a higher sales price.
  • It is NOT spending hours in front of a computer trying to find
    deals across the country and then trying to wholesale them for a profit.
  • This is NOT trying to wholesale someone else’s wholesale deal.
  • It is NOT building up a massive inventory of rental properties or
    long-term holds.
  • It is NOT buying low, fixing & flipping for a profit.
  • It is NOT spending months negotiating with the bank to get the price
    you need to make a deal.

Link Options is designed specifically to target the VAST MAJORITY of the property and would-be-buyer leads in ANY market.  LEADS ARE ABUNDANT.   This is precisely why we say that “Doing Link Options is a Real Estate Strategy that ANYONE Can Do!!”


Our Link Options course is the COMPLETE strategy from start to PROFIT!

This strategy is designed to HELP PEOPLE who want to net 100% of the current value of their property, not the 40-60% they net with an investor, or even 80-85% by listing with an agent.  Who is that?  EVERY SELLER OUT THERE!

This strategy is also designed to HELP PEOPLE who want to own a home but are being told “No” by the banks or have no idea that they CAN, in fact, own a home. These are people who have a solid and decent income, strong rental history, and enough cash available for a down payment but don’t have the credit yet to get approved for a home loan. These people (Link Options Tenant-Buyers) are at least 100 TIMES MORE ABUNDANT than fully qualified, ready to buy today buyers!

You can finally forget about strategies and methods that require you to look at 100 leads that MAYBE lead you to inspect TEN properties that MAYBE lead you to find THE ONE deal.  You’ll see your budget for gas expense go down tremendously when you apply this strategy!  There’s no more endless searching for the needle in the haystack!  If you’re doing a Link Option, deals are everywhere!

We’ve brought you our Link Options Course to serve as a detailed road-map to your real estate success.  We’re giving you the complete strategy in an easy to follow step-by-step format.  Nothing is held back—we SHOW YOU HOW WE DO ALL OF OUR MARKETING and it includes  ALL OF OUR CONTRACTS and paperwork.

Plus, we’re constantly UPDATING it with the LATEST & GREATEST resources, techniques and contract changes that we ourselves implement in our own thriving business!
When you buy the Link Options Course you’ll learn:
  • A step-by-step strategy to build a Successful, Flexible and Trusted
    Real Estate Business in your area.
  • Exactly how to get started with ANY Budget or Experience Level.
  • Marketing tricks and secrets that will have people begging to do
    business with you.
  • Tried and true ways to have Property Owners Calling You Everyday to get
    an offer they can’t refuse.
  • How to evaluate each deal to quickly determine your profit
    and find the right price for your Property Owners.
  • The secrets of getting an avalanche of Tenant-Buyer leads and easy
    methods to filter out the very best ones.
  • How to have people looking at your properties while you’re
    spending time doing whatever you want.
  • Exactly what to say during phone conversations to answer
    questions and close even more deals.
  • How to lock in your profit before you’ve even met the Tenant-Buyer.
  • The secrets of creating Win-Win Transactions that make people
    trust you, like you, and invite others to do business with you.
  • How to leverage other people.
  • Cutting-edge Internet Techniques that are revolutionizing the real estate industry.
  • The best way to Expand Your Current Real Estate Business
    if you already have one.
  • An ingenious method to turn other investor’s old junk leads
    into your treasure.
  • How you can run this business and Make Money on Your Own
    .  Stay home when you want and go out when you want,
    it’s up to you!
  • Much, much more!!!

Over 2 Weeks of filming masterfully edited down to 8 Hours of Video!  Watch and Learn exactly what to do!

So here’s just a sample of what you’re getting with the Link Options online training program…

Part I – Get All the Properties You Can Handle!
  • Generate massive numbers of leads with techniques that work.
  • How to get Property Owners calling you every day.
  • Real life calls with Property Owner leads.
  • Exactly how to handle Owner questions, concerns and objections.
  • Get every necessary detail on any property.
  • Learn to figure out what a property is worth and even watch us do it.
  • Watch us visit a property and lock in the sales price and monthly rental rate.
  • Learn the ins and outs of marketing for this strategy.
  • The top internet tools you can use to make money.
  • Download sample contracts, information sheets, and even email templates!
Part II – Get Tenant-Buyers Flooding in!
  • Marketing for targeted leads…making the cream of the crop rise to the top!
  • Cutting-edge internet marketing to rake in Tenant-Buyers.
  • Referrals… Get people talking about you!
  • Real life calls with Tenant-Buyers.
  • The ideal answers to any Tenant-Buyer’s questions.
  • Easy ways to make properties look and show their very best.
  • Get Tenant-Buyers to put down money, often before you even meet them (or never meet them at all)!
  • Get the information you need about a Tenant-Buyer to make sure they
    are the right fit for the deal.
  • Case studies to show you exactly what to look for when considering
    a Tenant-Buyer.
  • Download sample scripts, email templates, Tenant-Buyer
    application and other lead generating forms, and so much more!
Part III – Close the Deal and GET PAID!
  • How to stay in control of the money to ensure you get paid!
  • Sample contracts, critical escrow information, and more!
  • Prepare contracts like a pro! Learn what you need and what you don’t.
  • Watch a real life closing from start to finish!
  • Step-by-step guide on how the money is handled.
  • All the things you don’t want to forget at contract signing.