~~ Make 2017 YOUR Year ~~ **Special Invitation**

If you are ready and committed to take your life, business or BOTH to the next level as defined by your own personal Vision, then you need to consider joining our LIFEonaire Titanium Level Coaching Mastermind Group. Even if you are just at the beginning of defining your Vision…it’s time to get moving with that! What are you waiting for? Whatever it is…don’t kid yourself. There will ALWAYS be “something”. Our Mastermind group is specifically designed to help you accelerate and achieve your life and business goals. One of the first things LIFEonaires address is identifying the limiting beliefs that come with “Some Day Syndrome” and transforming beyond that deceptive snare with a specific, doable and inspired action plan. We’ve seen it time and time again: the most radical changes happen the fastest when you actively participate in a Dynamic Group of Peers.

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We joined LIFEonaire May 2009 which was literally at the GUTTER of our real estate entrepreneurial careers. We had SPLAT and didn’t know what we were going to do. We were loaded in real estate debt with around 40 properties still in our portfolio, the market crashed, and our entire savings and accumulated profits were sucked dry from fighting a lawsuit with our former contractor partners. All we could do at our first retreat was spill our guts and listen to any help anyone had to offer. We were so devastated, Steve Cook and Shaun McCloskey joke with us now that they were kicking themselves back then for letting us be the first couple to share at the inaugural Titanium retreat! Although practically everyone felt better about their own lives after hearing our story, it’s not necessarily recommended to start a Mastermind on such an intense note!

There are so many details we can share, but bottomline: that Mastermind Event was a major turning point in our lives. Through the advice, support and accountability from the group and our coaches, we were able to turn our lives and business around in LESS than a year! By the end of 2009 we had developed a new real estate strategy that pulled us out of our financial hole. Each year thereafter just further built on a solid foundation that was established with LIFEonaire’s help all along the way.

Fast forward to May 2014, we started our own Titanium Level Coaching Group called I AM LIFEonaire. Membership currently includes:

  • 3 Masterminds per year...3 full days with the entire group together 3 times per year (usually Jan, May, Sept). Most venue days are Fri, Sat, Sun.
  • 1 Group Call each month except during mastermind months.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Call each month (30 minutes) except during mastermind months.
  • 1 Full Day w/us each year at our home office (scheduled individually).
  • Lifeonaire Insiders Membership (subject to change):
    • Free attendance to any Lifeonaire event
    • Several monthly calls on a variety of topics hosted by current Lifeonaire Coaches including Steve Cook & Shaun McCloskey.
    • Access to the Titanium Coaching Dashboard and Members Forum.
  • IAM Lifeonaire Closed Facebook Group for ongoing support in between calls and Masterminds.
  • ***EXCLUSIVE TO OUR IAM LIFEonaire Group ONLY*** Link Options Course ($1,497.00 value):
    • Link Options Coaching Closed Facebook Group
    • Link Options Coaching Calls (2x/mo)
    • (If you’ve already purchased our course previously, we’ll match dollar for dollar OFF the initiation fee!)
  • ***EXCLUSIVE TO OUR IAM LIFEonaire Group ONLY*** Keith & Shannon French Travel Club ($349.00/mo value)
    • Membership access to travel discounts that Keith & Shannon use and/or have access to.
    • Exclusive Members Only trips with Keith & Shannon French!

Two (2) Slots Left!!!

Next 2017 Retreat: Orlando, FL
February 3, 4, 5 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Amazing House at the Encore Club

Much nicer (& cheaper!) to stay at this venue vs a hotel!

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At each Mastermind Retreat, everyone gets dedicated time where the entire group focuses on your challenge that you choose to bring to the table. We highly recommend that you attend a “Get A Life” LIFEoniare Event prior to coming to your first Mastermind to get a jump start on your Vision Planning, but it is not required. Either way, simply commit to at least a year minimum of active participation and you’ll be amazed at how different life will be just one short year from now!

Here’s what one of our newest members who just attended their 1st Mastermind Retreat in May had to say:

  • Obviously I have not been a Lifeonaire for long, but I already have emotional and mindset changes. The group helped me pick up a vision that I had put on a back burner. They helped me see that it can happen sooner than later. Also, I find it so encouraging to be around people who don't think working less/working from home/starting something new and challenging is crazy. It feels so good to be understood and supported and then encouraged by people who are a few steps ahead in the process. Also, accountability is a huge benefit of the group. I know I will see everyone again in a few months and I really don't want to be in the same position I was last time I saw everyone. The retreat will be so much fun as we all share how we are growing, succeeding, changing...I want to have a story too???? That's hugely motivating.

So what’s your story going to be? Let us embark on an extraordinary journey together – one which we will partner to assist you in tapping into some of the most unique resources available. The goal is not only for you to live a fulfilling, delicious, fantastic, wonderful, passionate, exciting life, but also to equip you with everything you need to shine so bright that your very presence will begin to make an eternal difference in the lives of others as well.

Let’s take your commitment to creating an extraordinary life and get rolling together already!
Call/text us at 410-635-4474 or email us at info@KeithandShannonFrench.com to schedule an interview time! Click HERE to Schedule To Talk with Us Now!

We look forward to a wonderful adventure with you and our LIFEonaire family!KandS Fav Pic2
Keith and Shannon French
Lifeonaire Titanium Level Coaches

Titanium Coaching
Here’s What You Get!

Lifeoniare LogoTo get you up and running asap and make sure you’re familiar with all the great benefits of being in the Lifeonaire Titanium coaching group, we wanted to run through everything quickly, so you don’t miss anything.

Each of these components are important to your success. We encourage you to take advantage of the outstanding resources available to you as Titanium members.

Monthly One on One 30 Minute Coaching Call1on1 Calls
This is your time to talk with us directly in a private 1-on-1 setting. To get the most out of the calls, decide your outcome in advance. This means showing up to the call knowing what you’d like to accomplish on that call.
This will ensure your time is spent wisely. Believe it or not, we can accomplish quite a bit in only 30 minutes, but this requires you to show up prepared. We can talk about whatever you’d like help with and be prepared to walk away from the call with new actionable, implementable steps or insight on your challenge.

Listening EarMonthly Group Call
This is where each of the members within your Lifeonaire Titanium group come together and collectively brainstorm to help whoever has a challenge. If you haven’t yet attended a coaching mastermind retreat, these calls will also help you to get to know others in the group prior to meeting meet face-to-face at the retreats. If at all possible, do whatever you can to do to be on these calls. We usually plan and post these calls to our coaching calendar about a year in advance, which means this should be a standing monthly appointment on your calendar. Prepare to be blown away at how much you can learn from other peoples’ challenges. It’s not uncommon for coaching members to walk away from these calls with life changing decisions being made – all from simply showing up and participating. You’ll learn just by listening, and you’ll learn even more by sharing. Expect these calls to be 1-2 hours long (worth every minute!) Lastly, if for some reason there’s a rare instance where you can’t make a live call, they’ll also be recorded and archived for your review later.

Facebook Closed Group Coaching – For Ongoing Support Between Calls and Coaching SilouetteMastermind Retreats
We, as your coaches, have your best interests at heart and want nothing more than to see you succeed at living your vision! Because of this, we encourage you to interact and post in the Facebook Support Group.
That being said, unless you have a personal issue or challenge that you’re not comfortable sharing with the group, you will be encouraged to share with the Facebook Coaching group first before emailing us.

There is significant benefit to doing this! Remember that each member of your titanium coaching group has been carefully interviewed to ensure that they have real life experiences which would bring value to the other members. Because of this, when you share challenges with the group you will get an array of responses and opinions from a variety of people in addition to us. This has far superior benefits than simply getting only our opinion. Not only do you get more responses this way, each person in the group also gets the benefit of learning from each of the different perspectives shared as well.

Remember, each person’s role in the group is to help one another. We can be at least twice as effective if you allow yourself to be helped by the group as well as your coaches. In addition, we have a vision and a life too, and although we want to help you and respond as much as possible, it’s simply impossible for us to answer every email as quickly as an entire group will be able to respond. Trust us on this one… utilize the group and learn to lean on one another. You’ll be glad you did, and most likely end up making new lifelong friends as a result!

EventPic2Attendance at 3 LIVE Mastermind Retreats Per Year
The Titanium Coaching retreats are indispensable to your success! Imagine investing 3 days into yourself three times per year – where the only focus is to become a bigger, better version of YOU!

Now imagine having up to 30 other people in a room with you, focused on nothing else but helping you live your vision!

There’s nothing like sitting down with a room full of other like-minded successful people that can offer their feedback, advice, and support on whatever topic you’d like to discuss. You DON’T want to miss these, and in fact, they are so important that if you miss more than 1 retreat per year, you may be asked to leave the group. Yes, they’re that crucial! Everyone is there to contribute and make the magic of the mastermind happen!

We are confident after experiencing these events for yourself, you’ll see how powerful they are and will look forward to them. Many people even bring family members, extend the trip and turn them into vacations (we usually do!!!).

Speaking of which, spouses are highly encouraged to attend the retreats as well. You’ll get far more out of these sessions when you are able to do so with the significant other in your life. Or, if there is no “significant other” yet, perhaps that’s something we can help you work on! 🙂

These 3-day-long events will be held at various locations around the country and many are planned as far as one year in advance. In other words, you’ll be given plenty of advanced notice so that you can make travel and lodging arrangements. (and have a little bit of fun while you’re there!)

Full-Day 1-on-1 In-Person Planning Session1on1 Coaching
This is the opportunity for you to sit down in-person with us for an entire day, and take your life and business to the next level!

Some students come with the desire to get help crafting a crystal clear personal or business vision. Others schedule their one on one because of a pressing business challenge. And others arrive with a goal to map out the entire next 12 months, both personally and professionally. Regardless of your goal, we’re here to help you accomplish it – and you’d be surprised how much we can accomplish in a single day!

Some people choose to schedule this session immediately after joining the group. Others choose to wait until they’re further along in the journey to take advantage of this benefit. One thing, however, is certain; those who commit to scheduling their one on one sessions each year are always the students that see the most significant progress.

Note: Each student is responsible for his/her own travel expenses to meet with us. Scheduling this one on one day is as simple as shooting an email to us with 3 proposed dates. Usually one of the three proposed dates will work for us. You are highly encouraged to get this date on the calendar, even if you schedule it out one year from now! Yeah, it’s that important.

Free Admission To Any Lifeonaire Event
As a Titanium Coaching Member, you get free admission to any Lifeonaire-sponsored training including the 3-day “Get-A-Life” events as well as multiple real estate investing seminars.

And remember, just because you’ve already attended the Lifeonaire event once doesn’t mean you can’t benefit tremendously from attending a 2nd or even 3rd time. Just like going to the gym, consistency and repetition produce outstanding results!

EventPicNote: Events that are not Lifeonaire specific training events may not be included in your membership. (ex: Steve Cook’s new construction training or Shaun McCloskey’s speaker training that are limited to only a handful of people.) Titanium discounts may apply. See each individual event details page for more info.

Lifeonaire Insiders
With your membership in our Lifeonaire Titanium Group, you get all the benefits of being a InsidersLifeonaire Insider, including access to group calls (scheduled on the calendar you will see after you login to Lifeonaire.com), and access to all Steve and Shaun’s courses (Flip Like A Pro, Short Sale Wealth, etc.). With all these resources, you should never have to purchase another real estate training again on anything having to do with wholesaling, rehabbing, or short sales. This is a huge value!

MentorCoachAccess to the Titanium Coaching Dashboard This is a centralized password-protected area where information regarding the 1-on-1 calls, group calls, retreats, and members can be found. Lifeonaire Headquarters will be providing you with login information.

Anything having to do with billing or Lifeonaire in general should be directed to us. We are Coachingyour one stop shop to get everything you need! We’ll be able to point you in the right direction!

There is no other coaching available that offers so much opportunity and fun!

Link Options LogoLink Options Real Estate Course, Training Calls, and Closed Facebook Group

Only for those in our, I AM LIFEonaire Titanium Group, you also get our entire Link Options Real Estate Training Course – aka Wholesaling Lease Options, participation in our twice-monthly Link Options Coaching calls and closed Facebook Link Options Coaching Group (a $99/month value), plus anything else that we produce for coaching and training purposes! ($1,497.00 value for the Course and $99.00/mo value for the Coaching Calls & Facebook Group)


We look forward to you joining our Lifeonaire family!

To your success,

Keith and Shannon FrenchKandS French and Link Option LogosClick HERE to Schedule To Talk with Us Now!

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