How can you afford more home on less money? | Clean Slate Credit Repair | Keith and Shannon French

We all want to be able to afford a nice home.

You may already know this, but I am going to demonstrate how
the same monthly payment of $1,900 can buy a more expensive home.

This is the same idea no matter what the monthly payment is, just pick a number.

*The secret is your credit score and how much your other debts are.

These 2 determining factors that will limit how much home you can afford and what your monthly payment will be.
Let’s discuss credit first:

Scenario, Let’s assume the following:

If you and your spouse together make about $80,000, have one car payment of $500, and the house is taxed at 1%, and $1,200 year insurance,

If you have a low credit score: you may get 5% interest rate:
payment is $1,900 (30 yr note)and buys $256,475 home.

If you have a high FICO score: (700 plus) which qualifies you for the best rate at 3.75%
… you can afford a $286,500 home
and have a $1,900 payment.

$30,000 more home for the same monthly payment!
*If you are a higher risk, you will pay more in interest rate and monthly payment.

DEBT LOAD: Here is the other number that can limit the amount of home you qualify for;
If we take away the CAR PAYMENT of $500 month, the numbers change dramatically.

Using the good credit score scenario, you can now afford a home up to $366,000 !!!
Was $286,000, $80,000 of more home. WOW.

Your debt load and credit score diminishes your home purchasing power.
By improving your credit score and lowering your monthly debt your monthly mortgage payment will go miles further.

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