Link Options is a DEBT-FREE real estate investing strategy that we developed after doing years of various other types of real estate strategies.

It’s a strategy that works for NON-distressed sellers and houses, whereas all other real estate investing strategies work with distressed sellers and/or houses.  This alone makes this strategy more fun to do than any other!  Not to mention, it’s virtually a risk-free strategy unlike most other real estate strategies that involve some level of risk, many with high risk!

Our training and coaching consist of our real estate course for which we have three purchase options, and our twice-monthly live coaching calls where people can ask any question they like.  All of our coaching calls are recorded so that you can replay them anytime and include a closed Facebook Coaching Group for ongoing support in between calls.

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What is a Link Option?
– It’s simply linking a seller to a future buyer via a Lease with an Option to Buy contract and getting paid to assign the Option!

Here is more about our Link Options real estate training course:
Link Options Course – Back Office Tour

Evolution of Link Options

Rehabbing, short sales, and land-lording were just too:
– Time-consuming and complicated
– Risky with unpredictable random variables
– Unpredictable with cash flow and expenses
– Too much of an energy drain!

We liked subject-to’s and sandwich lease options, but:
NOT staying in the Transaction
NOT guaranteeing payments
NOT being legally and monetarily vested until the tenant-buyer (TB) purchases
NOT dealing with market fluctuations during the lease term

We liked traditional wholesaling, but:
–  NOT estimating repairs
–  NOT finding and maintaining cash buyers
–  NOT waiting on a closing to be paid

Therefore, we combined Traditional Wholesaling and Sandwich Lease Options, but…
…Eliminated the potential risks and headaches all together!!!

Why Link Options?
– Needs no cash buyers or current credit qualified buyers
– Doesn’t rely on closings to get paid
– Works for Non-Distressed sellers and houses
– Helps many people and is a very happy positive real estate strategy!
– Can be done virtually, from anywhere
– Is NOT seller financing
– Can be done in all 50 States
– Applies to the majority of leads (Most, if not ALL other investors toss these leads into the TRASH!)

Sellers net 100% or close to their asking price!
– Not 50%-70% (or less) from cash offers
– Not 80%-85% (or less) from traditional/MLS sales

Renters become Home-Owners!

You help set new HIGH COMPS in neighborhoods!

Link Options has allowed us to build a business around our LIFE, so that we can do what we want, when we want!

Here is a video of our course mind-mapping days!

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Steve Cook
Shaun McCloskey

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