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A great way to restock your Starter Kit oils, ***AND*** earn points to redeem towards free (yes I said free!!) oils, is to join the Essential Rewards program. Essential Rewards is a monthly autoship program.

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There is no cost to sign up and you can cancel anytime! Your monthly order must be at least 50pv (basically your order must be at least $50). You then earn product credits on your monthly order.

Months 1-6, earn 10%. Months 7-12 earn 15%. Months 13+ earn 20%. Yes, you are reading this correctly, the longer you participate in Essential Rewards, the more you earn! You also receive reduced shipping rates. Below is a great example of how to restock the Starter Kit oils (but in the larger 15ml size!) for about $50 a month. Ordering like this for 6 months will give you about $35 in ER credits to cash in for free products!

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#YoungLiving Essential Oils | Natural Antibiotics | Keith and Shannon French | Essential Oils

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, oils like #YoungLiving’s Oregano Essential Oil, work like broad-spectrum antibiotics against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in your body.

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Gary Young’s daily routine! How do you support positive emotions? | #Young Living Essential Oils | Keith and Shannon French |

Have you discovered the powerful benefits of Young Living Essential Oils?

We use Young Living Oils everyday in our house, and find there are numerous uses for the oils, from overall health and wellness, cooking, cleaning, and many other applications.

Try some Young Living Essential Oils for for yourself!  You’ll get addicted to the fun!

Email us at, call/text us at 410-635-4474, or click below to learn more on our websites.

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If you want to be a Distributor for Young Living, get huge discounts on your essential oil purchases, and have a blast of a home based business, then click on the link below:

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Essential Oils To Balance Your Chakras | Keith and Shannon French | #YoungLivingOils

#YoungLivingEssentialOils has all of these for you to try! – purchase these oils – become a distributor and work with us
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7 Essential Oils To Balance Your Chakras – purchase these oils – become a distributor and work with us
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Young Living Releases 18 New Products During Convention | Keith and Shannon French |

Need some Romance, then try the Sexy Oils from Young Living!

Humm, did you know that there are specific oils that help out with the romance!

Rose (sexy, romantic, relieves anger and jealously, produces happiness, considered an ahrodisiac) – Joy and Forgiveness contain Rose and are much less expensive than Rose by itself.  It takes 5,000 lbs of rose petals to make one pound of essential oils.  One drop of the oil equals one drop of Rose oil!

Ylang Ylang is another amazing sexy oil.  The Indonesians covers their beds with this to help set the mood, but all you need is one drop.  It elevates sexual energy, is very relaxing and calming, and helps support heart health.  About 50 lbs of this equals one pound of oil, so it’s much less expensive than Rose.  Take this first thing in the morning.

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Young Living Massage Oils for Valentine’s Day!

Have you tried Young Living (YLEO) massage oils yet?  YLEO massage oil blends combine pure vegetable oils and essential oils for carefully crafted formulas that nourish the skin and provide targeted benefits.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we especially recommend checking out the Relaxation and Sensation Massage Oils!  We use them!

Order Your Young Living Oils Here!

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil to Fight Allergies! | Young Living Essential Oils | Keith and Shannon French

If you’re someone with allergies, then this advice from Health magazine on home remedies is for you! (Preview: They recommend using eucalyptus essential oil! Let me know if I can get some for you!) Read Article Here

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