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Renting to Own A Home | | Baltimore Rent To Own Houses

Many folks don’t know that renting-to-own is a real option TODAY for them if they feel they aren’t in a position to own a home right now (maybe due to challenged credit for instance), but they ultimately do want the many benefits of no longer having to rent.

It’s a flexible program designed to help you move into the home TODAY that you eventually want to own (called “Exercising your Option to Purchase”) as it gives you the time you need to address any temporary items that may be keeping you from your goal of home ownership, all the while you are enjoying living in your dream home!

Below are some quick highlights and there’s more detailed information at

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General highlights of our Rent-To-Own program (Every Owner & home is different):

  • 100% of your Option Down Payment/Option Fee goes towards the home!
  • Owners are typically looking for anywhere from 3-7% of the Option price for an upfront Option down payment.
  • You lock in your Option price & monthly rate for 18 months (or more possibly).
  • The more you have available to put down, the more flexible the Owner can be.
  • Challenged credit is okay for rent-to-own!  Please check out our detailed Credit Repair page at  Ask us how we can get your credit repair expense to be added as part of your Option down payment!

Just a couple things to keep in mind to further strengthen any rent-to-own application you’d like to submit for any of our homes:

  • We encourage client to have available at least $5,000 for City properties and $7,500 for County properties at a MINIMUM.  Higher option price homes may have even higher requirements.  It’s not that owners won’t work or be flexible with less necessarily, it’s just likely you’ll be competing with others who have at least those amounts to provide for the Option down payment.
  • Your Option down payment/Option fee can come from any source including: gift money, 401k, pension/retirement, etc.  You can even pledge your tax refund!

Feel free to contact me with any further questions.  We hope to be working with you soon!

Keith & Shannon French
Call/Text: 410.635.4474

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Rent To Own Homes in Maryland (Baltimore and surrounding areas) | by Keith and Shannon French | Lease Option Experts | #RentToOwn

Keith and Shannon French specialize in Rent-To-Own Homes in Maryland (Baltimore and the surrounding areas).

Challenged credit is okay!  We are partnered with the best credit repair company in the nation (we used them for our own credit repair) to help you get your credit fixed so that you can purchase on or before the 18-month lease term expires.

If you are interested in renting to own a home in Maryland, then contact us at or visit our website of Rent To Own Properties!

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Clean Slate Credit Repair Services | | Keith and Shannon French Credit Repair Partner



Avoid Sneaky Credit Score Booby Traps lurking in your wallet.

Did you know that one late payment can cause your score to drop 80 points or more?
And those points are hard won. Once lost, it is a LONG ROAD back up.

Be mindful of what is going on with your bills.
Especially credit cards.
They can cause the most damage.

Be extra careful to never charge your cards over 50% of the high credit limit.  Once you top 50% it starts to negatively impact your credit score.

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How can you afford more home on less money? | Clean Slate Credit Repair | Keith and Shannon French

We all want to be able to afford a nice home.

You may already know this, but I am going to demonstrate how
the same monthly payment of $1,900 can buy a more expensive home.

This is the same idea no matter what the monthly payment is, just pick a number.

*The secret is your credit score and how much your other debts are.

These 2 determining factors that will limit how much home you can afford and what your monthly payment will be.
Let’s discuss credit first:

Scenario, Let’s assume the following:

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Rent-To-Own (Lease-Option) Referral Leads | Keith and Shannon French | Link Options

For anyone that has sellers in Maryland who thinks a lease-option (rent-to-own) would be a good option for them to sell their property at full asking price, please contact us, as we always have many more qualified tenant-buyers (TBs) than houses in inventory.

We certainly pay referral fees, once we get paid in the transaction, to anyone who sends us seller leads. Most of our seller leads come from Realtors, rehabbers, and past seller and buyer clients.

Use the Contact Us Form on this website to reach us!

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