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Q&A: How is Link Options Recession/Crash-Proof?

Question:“How is this strategy recession or crash proof? (For us especially! [Investors doing other strategies]).

More specifically: If the purchase price is $200k and 6 months later worth $150k, how do we get that to work? (I get that we’re out of it by then, and I can see that showing up.)  Sign a new contract or amend existing? Or does the deal fall apart in 18 months at the end of the lease term?”


Excellent question!  And one very close to our heart because THIS strategy is what saved us from biting the dust completely when our portfolio of 30+ homes lost half its value seeming overnight during the 2007/2008 crash….all funded by short-term hard money and/or private money.

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Q&A: In Starting a Link Options Business, what are average numbers for deals and business expenses?

Question: Could you share a little bit about what the average numbers are per deal and if payment is collected up front with your system? Also if you have an estimate on what kind of monthly budget should I consider for normal expenses.

Yes, you are paid upfront in these transactions! No waiting on any closing!  Once the owner approves the tenant-buyer (TB), then you get paid the TB’s Option Fee down payment which typically ranges from 3.5% to 5% of the Option price.

Average numbers will depend on the median price point houses in your area, or the median price point homes you are working. Our average client puts down 4%, and our average price point home is $200,000, so our average payday per home is $8,000.

Unlike ALL other strategies where you have to spend a lot of money on marketing to find either a distressed seller and/or a distressed house, the Link Options strategy is for non-distressed property owners and non-distressed houses….in other words, HAPPY people!  This is the vast majority of folks who want to sell!  We only work with owners that have move-in ready homes and who want full price for their home.

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Free Spreadsheet – Selling Conventionally vs. Lease Option | Keith and Shannon Fench | Wholesaling Lease Options / Link Options

Attention: Real Estate Investors – Both Experienced and Those Just Starting Out (or even those just thinking about starting out)

Our Simple 3-Step Strategy Formula Combined With Our Ultimate Secret Tool that Makes It a “No Brainer” for Sellers to Say “Yes” to You!

Uncover our Highly Effective & Effortless Seller Demonstration That Convinces & Closes Every Time

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Black Friday through Cyber Monday Special Deal on our….. Link Options Real Estate Course!! – 50% OFF!!!

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Special Deal on our….. Link Options Real Estate Course!!

  ***Get 50% OFF!!!…(our lowest price ever!!!)***

Only for the first 5 sales!

With the PROMO CODE HOLIDAY2017, you get $750 off our Link Options Course PLUS get 2 FREE months of our twice-monthly live coaching calls and closed Facebook Group!

Sale Price = $747 (regular pricing is $1,497)!

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to Wholesale Lease Options, we’ve been doing them for 14 years, and we’ll take you every step of the way to setting up your business and helping you avoid many of the mistakes we made while learning how to do them ourselves.

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Summer Special Pricing on Link Options Real Estate Coaching Calls | Wholesaling Lease Options by Keith and Shannon French

Summer Special – 1 Week Only
(Next sale won’t be this good!)
Twice-Monthly Link Options Coaching Calls are only
$75.00/month (regular $99.00/month)!
That’s a 24% Discount!
Expires midnight Saturday, July 31st.  New Customers Only.

Monthly Membership Includes:
1. Live Q&A Coaching Calls Twice Each Month (calls are 2+ hrs each)
2. Last 3 Months Archived recorded calls
3. Resources Galore!
4. EXCLUSIVE Access to our Super Active Closed Facebook Group for support and networking in between calls.  (Using the search tool is practically a training course in and of itself!!!)

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pAGG Supplements talked about in Tim Ferriss’, “The 4-Hour Body” | #pAGG | Keith and Shannon French

So glad I found this on Amazon!…the pAGG supplements talked about in Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Body”!

I was buying all the separate supplements – Biotin, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Aged Garlic Extract, and Policosanol…and that was much more expensive than this pAGG pack from #NewHealthSolutions

#TimFerriss #The4HourBody #4HB #Supplements #pAGG

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~~ Make 2017 YOUR Year ~~ **Special Invitation**

Click HERE to Schedule To Talk with Us Now!

We joined LIFEonaire May 2009 which was literally at the GUTTER of our real estate entrepreneurial careers. We had SPLAT and didn’t know what we were going to do. We were loaded in real estate debt with around 40 properties still in our portfolio, the market crashed, and our entire savings and accumulated profits were sucked dry from fighting a lawsuit with our former contractor partners. All we could do at our first retreat was spill our guts and listen to any help anyone had to offer. We were so devastated, Steve Cook and Shaun McCloskey joke with us now that they were kicking themselves back then for letting us be the first couple to share at the inaugural Titanium retreat! Although practically everyone felt better about their own lives after hearing our story, it’s not necessarily recommended to start a Mastermind on such an intense note!

There are so many details we can share, but bottomline: that Mastermind Event was a major turning point in our lives. Through the advice, support and accountability from the group and our coaches, we were able to turn our lives and business around in LESS than a year! By the end of 2009 we had developed a new real estate strategy that pulled us out of our financial hole. Each year thereafter just further built on a solid foundation that was established with LIFEonaire’s help all along the way.

Fast forward to May 2014, we started our own Titanium Level Coaching Group called I AM LIFEonaire. Membership currently includes:

  • 3 Masterminds per year...3 full days with the entire group together 3 times per year (usually Jan, May, Sept). Most venue days are Fri, Sat, Sun.
  • 1 Group Call each month except during mastermind months.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Call each month (30 minutes) except during mastermind months.
  • 1 Full Day w/us each year at our home office (scheduled individually).
  • Lifeonaire Insiders Membership (subject to change):
    • Free attendance to any Lifeonaire event
    • Several monthly calls on a variety of topics hosted by current Lifeonaire Coaches including Steve Cook & Shaun McCloskey.
    • Access to the Titanium Coaching Dashboard and Members Forum.
    IAM Lifeonaire Closed Facebook Group for ongoing support in between calls and Masterminds. ***EXCLUSIVE TO OUR IAM LIFEonaire Group ONLY*** Link Options Course ($1,497.00 value):
    • Link Options Coaching Closed Facebook Group
    • Link Options Coaching Calls (2x/mo)
    • (If you’ve already purchased our course previously, we’ll match dollar for dollar OFF the initiation fee!)
    ***EXCLUSIVE TO OUR IAM LIFEonaire Group ONLY*** Keith & Shannon French Travel Club ($349.00/mo value)
    • Membership access to travel discounts that Keith & Shannon use and/or have access to.
    • Exclusive Members Only trips with Keith & Shannon French!

    Two (2) Slots Left!!!

    Next 2017 Retreat: Orlando, FL
    February 3, 4, 5 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
    Amazing House at the Encore Club

    Much nicer (& cheaper!) to stay at this venue vs a hotel!

    Click HERE to Schedule To Talk with Us Now!

    At each Mastermind Retreat, everyone gets dedicated time where the entire group focuses on your challenge that you choose to bring to the table. We highly recommend that you attend a “Get A Life” LIFEoniare Event prior to coming to your first Mastermind to get a jump start on your Vision Planning, but it is not required. Either way, simply commit to at least a year minimum of active participation and you’ll be amazed at how different life will be just one short year from now!

    Here’s what one of our newest members who just attended their 1st Mastermind Retreat in May had to say:

    Obviously I have not been a Lifeonaire for long, but I already have emotional and mindset changes. The group helped me pick up a vision that I had put on a back burner. They helped me see that it can happen sooner than later. Also, I find it so encouraging to be around people who don't think working less/working from home/starting something new and challenging is crazy. It feels so good to be understood and supported and then encouraged by people who are a few steps ahead in the process. Also, accountability is a huge benefit of the group. I know I will see everyone again in a few months and I really don't want to be in the same position I was last time I saw everyone. The retreat will be so much fun as we all share how we are growing, succeeding, changing...I want to have a story too???? That's hugely motivating.

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Learn How to Wholesale Lease Options and Survive Any Real Estate Market | Link Options by Keith and Shannon French

Concerned about WHEN this market is going to CRASH?!?

You should be!!!  Seasoned Investors across the board are seeing the SAME THINGS happening TODAY that happened right before the BIG 2006 BUBBLE BURST that triggered a Nationwide RECESSION from 2007 to 2009 (although MANY areas were still reaching record LOWS as late as 2012).  Most of our peers in the industry crashed and burned.

How did we survive?  Not only that…but how did we THRIVE?

Two simple words: Link Options.

Find out why NOW is THE BEST time to know this strategy INSIDE & OUT.

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Summer Special Pricing on Keith and Shannon French’s Link Options Real Estate Investing Course and Coaching Calls

Have you been wondering how to get started in real estate investing, and don’t know where to start?  Or maybe you are already investing in real estate, and need another easy income stream and/or want to make money from most of the leads you are throwing away?

Our Link Options (aka wholesaling lease options or cooperative lease options) real estate investing course and coaching calls are for both the newbie investor and the very seasoned experienced investor!

We are running a Super Special on our Link Options Course and giving you TWO (2) complimentary months of our twice-monthly coaching calls AND access to our Closed Facebook Coaching Group (that’s an additional bonus on us!).  For this week only you have the following two discount options to take advantage of our special pricing (expires midnight June 30, 2016):

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Renting to Own A Home | | Baltimore Rent To Own Houses

Many folks don’t know that renting-to-own is a real option TODAY for them if they feel they aren’t in a position to own a home right now (maybe due to challenged credit for instance), but they ultimately do want the many benefits of no longer having to rent.

It’s a flexible program designed to help you move into the home TODAY that you eventually want to own (called “Exercising your Option to Purchase”) as it gives you the time you need to address any temporary items that may be keeping you from your goal of home ownership, all the while you are enjoying living in your dream home!

Below are some quick highlights and there’s more detailed information at

Quick Links to our Website Forms:

General highlights of our Rent-To-Own program (Every Owner & home is different):

  • 100% of your Option Down Payment/Option Fee goes towards the home!
  • Owners are typically looking for anywhere from 3-7% of the Option price for an upfront Option down payment.
  • You lock in your Option price & monthly rate for 18 months (or more possibly).
  • The more you have available to put down, the more flexible the Owner can be.
  • Challenged credit is okay for rent-to-own!  Please check out our detailed Credit Repair page at  Ask us how we can get your credit repair expense to be added as part of your Option down payment!

Just a couple things to keep in mind to further strengthen any rent-to-own application you’d like to submit for any of our homes:

  • We encourage client to have available at least $5,000 for City properties and $7,500 for County properties at a MINIMUM.  Higher option price homes may have even higher requirements.  It’s not that owners won’t work or be flexible with less necessarily, it’s just likely you’ll be competing with others who have at least those amounts to provide for the Option down payment.
  • Your Option down payment/Option fee can come from any source including: gift money, 401k, pension/retirement, etc.  You can even pledge your tax refund!

Feel free to contact me with any further questions.  We hope to be working with you soon!

Keith & Shannon French
Call/Text: 410.635.4474

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H9 water is changing lives! | Call/Text Keith and Shannon French at 410-635-4474 |

H9 is making waves its first year, 2015, has been a great year and H9 is growing fast, becoming the latest must-try for your family. If you know someone who drinks H9, you have probably already heard about the amazing benefits that drinking H9 provides. Staying hydrated increases your energy, increases metabolism which promotes weight loss, helps build and repair muscles, is great for the skin and keep you looking young, boosts the immune system, flushes toxins, is great for your joints, aches and pains, maintains PH balance in the body which is further benefited by containing optimal alkaline levels. Staying hydrated also promotes regularity and helps digestion.

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Rent To Own Homes in Maryland (Baltimore and surrounding areas) | by Keith and Shannon French | Lease Option Experts | #RentToOwn

Keith and Shannon French specialize in Rent-To-Own Homes in Maryland (Baltimore and the surrounding areas).

Challenged credit is okay!  We are partnered with the best credit repair company in the nation (we used them for our own credit repair) to help you get your credit fixed so that you can purchase on or before the 18-month lease term expires.

If you are interested in renting to own a home in Maryland, then contact us at or visit our website of Rent To Own Properties!

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#AndyAndrews #TheSevenDecisions | Recommended book by Keith and Shannon French | Understanding the Keys to Personal Success

Great book and Andy Andrews is a master story teller!

The Responsible Decision: The buck stops here.
The Guided Decision: I will seek wisdom.
The Active Decision: I am a person of action.
The Certain Decision: I have a decided heart.
The Joyful Decision: Today I will choose to be happy.
The Compassionate Decision: I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.
The Persistent Decision: I will persist without exception.

#TheSevenDecisions #AndyAndrews

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Run a Background Check or Criminal Background Check | Keith and Shannon French | #BackgroundChecks and #CreditReports

We have partnered with an amazing new background search company that provides excellent service and background checks for the best prices we’ve seen…a must in your real estate business for tenant screening and for doing employment checks.

Check it out our background search page and let us know if you have any questions by clicking on the pictures below or here > Perform a Search Now!

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Jeff Olson’s, The SLIGHT EDGE | Recommended Entrepreneurial Books by Keith and Shannon French | #TheSlightEdge

Powerful read!  Simple to do; simple not to do principles…that make the difference between success and mediocrity (possible failure).  I’m going to implement #JeffOlson’s principles in every part of my life!

Highly recommend everyone read this…applies to spiritual, friends & family, relationships, finance, and health.

#TheSlightEdge #JeffOlson #RecommendedReading #KeithandShannonFrench

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Darren Hardy’s, The Compound Effect | Recommended Entrepreneurial Books by Keith and Shannon French

Excellent book to start out the New Year reading! Great simple to implement steps to boost your productivity and success that we have already begun implementing into our routines.

Highly recommend this to everyone!

#DarrenHardy #KeithandShannonFrench #EntrepreneurialBooks #TheCompoundEffect

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#H9 water | Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water | The Best New Network Marketing Company | #H9water | Keith and Shannon French, Professional Network Marketers

H9 Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water (H9water) – If you want to start the New Year off with a brand new successful business, and get up and running now, in December, this is a perfect time to get started with ‪#‎H9water‬!

This is an incredible new network marketing company (still in startup phase) that pays phenomenal commissions and has only one amazing product to learn – Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water called H9!

You’ll be glad you joined our team with this amazing company!

I wish you could just hear the incredible testimonials we are getting from people about the health and wellness benefits they are deriving by drinking the water, and hear about the money being made as well!

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#H9water and it’s effect on human cells | Hydrogen-Rich #StructuredWater | H9 water by Keith and Shannon French | Is H9 Another Water Scam

See a doctor’s results of their patient drinking ‪#‎H9water‬!

This is the amount of H9 water muscle testing indicated the patient needed to correct the following live cell blood analysis:

Notice the cells are stuck together. The only oxygen comes from the edges only.

The patient drink the small amount of H9 shown in the glass in the first photo below. Waited 20 minutes and did another live cell blood analysis with the following results:

Now notice the cells are separated which means they are supplying all the oxygen they are carrying instead just around the edges. By Dr.. Ed Black

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Clean Slate Credit Repair Services | | Keith and Shannon French Credit Repair Partner



Avoid Sneaky Credit Score Booby Traps lurking in your wallet.

Did you know that one late payment can cause your score to drop 80 points or more?
And those points are hard won. Once lost, it is a LONG ROAD back up.

Be mindful of what is going on with your bills.
Especially credit cards.
They can cause the most damage.

Be extra careful to never charge your cards over 50% of the high credit limit.  Once you top 50% it starts to negatively impact your credit score.

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Would you like join #H9 water while it’s still in a start up phase! | Keith and Shannon French | #H9water |

Wow, the ‪#‎H9water compensation plan is amazing, Partners are ranking faster than ever, more and more people are giving amazing health testimonials, and we are getting excited about the hard launch coming up early next year! If you want to get in before the hard launch, the timing has never EVER been better! Call/Text us at 410-635-4474, email us at, and visit our website to learn more at Learn about H9 water! I wouldn’t be this excited if this were not an incredible opportunity. It’s very rare to find a networking opportunity at the very beginning, before the world knows about it! You WILL CAPITALIZE by being in early!

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