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Why Choose myEcon?

America is the wealthiest country in the world.  Statistics show America accounts for more than 25% of the world’s wealth, is home to 536 billionaires and nearly 7,000,000 millionaires.  However, even with all this wealth, 80% of Americans feel like they are falling behind financially.
Even the Social Security Administration reported that for every 100 people born in America, by the time their 65th birthday arrives, 36 are dead, 54 are financially dependent on family or welfare, 5 are still working, 4 are financially successful and 1 is wealthy.
Corporate wages are stagnant, most companies have dumped their pensions and economic growth is slow.  The bottom line is, for most people, old line financial strategies are not working.  Millions of people are looking for alternative ways to improve their finances.  Most people need more Cashflow and Better Financial Strategies.

myEcon is a 10 year old, technology driven company, created by a small group of financial professionals to empower people to attain Financial Success.  The company has helped thousands of people financially and some have become millionaires.

myEcon has done this by helping people increase their cashflow multiple ways, using powerful, Personal Financial Success System.  The system is based on three Smart Cashflow Strategies. The three strategies are: Minimize Taxes, Generate Business Income and Asset Accumulation.

The System works because it empowers associates to acquire additional cashflow by Minimizing Taxes and Generating Business Income.  Associates use the extra cashflow to Eliminate Their Debt which frees up even more cashflow.  Investing the extra Cashflow powers Associates to Accumulate Assets and attain financial success.

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Minimize Taxes Strategy

myEcon’s first strategy, Minimizing Taxes is essential because Americans lose about 1/3 of their income to taxes.  We help our Associates minimize their taxes by two methods.

The first method, Correct Tax Withholding is important because 80% of all employees have too much money withheld from their paycheck for taxes.  When too much money is withheld, the employee is unable to use that money.

We help myEcon Associates maximize take home pay and use it for investing or debt elimination.  The strategy is amazing, because if an employee increases his take home pay by $500 monthly and invest it at 8% Rate of Return, he will have almost $175,000 in 15 years and over $745,000 in 30 years.

If the employee uses the extra $500 monthly for debt elimination, he can pay off a $200,000 mortgage in 14 years and 11 months instead of 30 years. The bottom line is, maximizing take home pay and using it for investing or debt elimination can be life changing.

myEcon’s next method for minimizing taxes is Maximizing Business Deductions via a Home Based Business.  Home based business owners have access to hundreds of deductions that employees do not. Because our associates are Home Based Business Owners, they have access to hundreds of new deductions.Let’s look at a few examples.  Associates buy their cars for personal use, but if they use them in business, some of the expenses become tax deductible.  The same concept applies to cell phones, internet access and travel.

Associates can also hire their children as employees and pay them tax deductible wages instead of giving them allowances. The concept is powerful. According to the Tax Reduction Institute, the average Home Based Business Owner realizes thousands of dollars in additional tax deductions annually.

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Asset Accumulation Strategy

myEcon’s 3rd Strategy, Asset Accumulation is essential because we must accumulate Income Producing Assets to attain financial success.  Income producing assets, like stocks, bonds, real estate, 401K’a and annuities provide passive income.
Passive Income provides Financial Stability, Financial Freedom and eventually Retirement.  Everybody needs to turn some of their Cashflow and Labor into Income Producing Assets.  myEcon provies ongoing training on Asset Accumulation Strategies.  myEcon’s goal is to help millions of people attain financial success by acquiring More Cashflow and using Better Financial Strategies.
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Associates acquire extra cashflow by Minimizing Their Taxes, Generating Business Income and Debt Elimination. Using some of the extra cashflow for investing, empowers them to attain financial success or even become millionaires!  Imagine investing an extra $500 to $5000 monthly and watching your Assets Grow!!!  

The system is powerful and life changing!  Millions of People Desire More Financial Success; but most need More Cashflow and Better Financial Strategies.  If you are one of those people, you are in the right place, at the right time, because myEcon’s Personal Financial Success System is the Solution!  When you enroll, you receive:

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