The Keith & Shannon French Travel Club has evolved into our premier Mastermind Coaching program offering.

We focus on helping others achieve RESULTS: students actively closing the gaps between where they are today in all aspects and where they want to be–the life of their dreams.  For many in the group, strategizing various new businesses or tweaking current businesses in order to financially support their lives, vision, and passions is part of the student’s inspiring journey. Cohesive and committed mastermind groups are an incredible venue, a proven system, that provides not only accountability, but so much more…the “secret sauce” that truly maximizes REAL results in record time to those often elusive desires and goals.

Members of this group are positively focused, open-minded participators who are committed to investing in themselves and realizing results, not just simply interested in change.  Their group consists of couples and singles from several different business-types and industries, who continuously bring to the table a plethora of life and business experiences, down-to-earth relateability, dynamic insight and soul-centered wisdom.

if you really want to begin living the life of your dreams, a life by deliberate design, rather than a life by default, then schedule a free consult with us.

Keith and Shannon French’s Mastermind Coaching includes:

– At least Three (3-day) Mastermind Events Each Year in Different Locations across the U.S. UNIQUE feature: VRBO-style venues allowing for more individual “slot time” during the mastermind, but also more “connection time” with the group as a whole or individually with other members outside of the mastermind time.  These venues have also proven to reduce lodging and meal expenses compared to the typical hotel-type venue.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching Check-ins with Keith and Shannon French each Month (30 minutes)
Group Check-in Call each month for non-Mastermind months.
Closed Facebook Group for team networking and ongoing Q&A and support.
Private Weekend, 1-on-1 visit with Keith and Shannon French at our Home-Office.

*BONUS* – Our Link Options Course Including Access to all of our contracts, templates and miscellaneous business docs and FREE updates to any new information.  (Those who already have our Course get a dollar-for-dollar CREDIT off the initiation fee for their course purchase!) (up to $1,497 value).

*BONUS* – Instant Access to our Link Options Coaching Closed Facebook Group and Twice-Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls.  (Those who are currently members of this Group get a dollar-for-dollar CREDIT off the initiation fee for their membership investment!) ($99/mo value).

*PERK* – FREE Access to Keith & Shannon French’s Travel Club Membership which gives you access to travel discounts for your own personal travel.

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