We are a husband and wife entrepreneurial team who love building businesses and helping other people by offering the best services, support and products available anywhere!


Our independent endeavors began in May 2005, when both of us quit our Corporate America jobs.  Although we did not know each other at that time, we both had worked for the same Fortune 5 Company in different departments and cities!  We both spent years in the Corporate America rat race, Keith living and working all over the U.S. as well as 40+ other countries over a 15-year time span.

We serendipitously met in October 2006 (one of our favorite “Law of Attraction” stories), joined business forces in January 2007, and got married on April 4, 2010 at 4:44pm (can you tell we have something for 4’s!), on the Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona!


Since we met, we have been full time real estate investors, business owners, marketers and coaches completing over 500 creative real estate transactions using a vast array of different strategies including traditional wholesaling, rehabbing, sandwich lease options, private lending, subject-to’s, and short sales to name a few.

During the years since our real estate startup, we experienced many gut- wrenching trials and tribulations.  The challenges included surviving the 2007-2009 real estate crash where we pretty much lost everything and had to file bankruptcy, to coming full circle with an amazing recovery and celebration with our unique Link Options strategy and other multiple streams of income.

We thoroughly understand how important it is to have a written Vision as surrounding yourself with a solid, positive network of support.  We were members of the first Titanium Coaching Group started in 2009 with LIFEonaire and also became LIFEonaire coaches.  We continue to expand our experience and education in the coaching and mentorship realm via various certifications and trainings that we actively seek and incorporate.

We’ve started numerous successful businesses, traveled the country speaking and hosting webinars about our real estate investing and other coaching businesses, and have coached thousands of people nationwide on Real Estate Investing and Life & Business (see our separate tab about Coaching)!

We truly strive everyday to experience a Life by Deliberate Design–living where we want, taking lots of time off (and I mean a lot!), and thoroughly enjoying helping others through their business and life endeavors.  During our leisure days, you’ll find us traveling, hiking, visiting vineyards, enjoying company with dear friends, hanging out with our chow chow puppies and kitties, reading, learning, and implementing new things constantly as we delve into bio & life hacking hobbies of healthy and spiritual living!

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Currently, our niche specialties involve three core businesses:
1.  Rent-To-Own/Lease-Option Homes in Baltimore, Maryland.
2.  Link Options Real Estate System including Coaching and Training (a.k.a. wholesaling lease options) – teaching everything we do in our own Baltimore Rent-To-Own business.
3.  Keith & Shannon Travel Club – Get amazing discounted travel deals for your own personal travel as well as join us at various locations around the country throughout the year participating in both Business & Life Masterminds as well as relax and enjoy fun local activities with like-minded, abundance focused kindred spirits.

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Below is a summary of these businesses:

1. We have a rent-to-own (lease-option) homes business in Baltimore, Maryland, called BuyBaltimoreProperties.com.

Through our rent-to-own business we help sellers get full asking prices for their homes, typically 20% to 30% more than if they sold the traditional way, and help renters get on a solid path to the American Dream of home ownership.

If you or anyone you know in Maryland may benefit by selling a home on a lease with an option to buy, please contact us.  There is no other way of selling a home that maximizes equity as much, as by selling a home through our program!

We pay referral fees when we get the home placed with one of our tenant-buyers.  Most of our seller leads come from Realtors, mortgage brokers, other real estate investors, especially rehabbers, and past seller and buyer clients.

2.  We have the nation’s best real estate training system on wholesaling lease options, called Link Options, where we train and coach people how to setup and run their own Rent-To-Own/Lease-Option business.  In additional to our training system, we also have twice-monthly live coaching calls.

3.  We all know the importance of mentorship, coaching and surrounding yourself with sharp, dynamic peers who inspire you higher and who also support you along the way in accordance with your Vision and dreams.  Working together to close the gap from where you are today and where you want to be in far less time than you would have imagined is the ultimate result of our Mastermind Group.

We now meet in vacation home venues across the nation (and soon to be going beyond our borders on occasion) as we have experienced the shared “down time” has been just as rewarding and life impacting the structured Mastermind time.  We are a very close group and membership availability is limited to preserve the more intimate and effective dynamic.

Most people first attempt to build a business or career and then hope to live the life they truly want “someday”.  They don’t realize that this is actually the hard way with no guarantees.  We love teaching how to develop and write-out your own personal and ever evolving Vision–that is, the exact life you want to live–and help you grow and develop your “Why” so that you can experience for yourself that you don’t have to wait until “someday” to do, experience, and BE all of the things you’ve always envisioned!

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